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Small Steps into a Big World

From the day a baby is born, adaptation to the outside world and a long path of development begins. Ravensburger has created a line of 27 innovative yet classic toys and books, which aids babies during their first 3 years of development in a fun and entertaining way. Every product in the ministeps line is carefully designed to conform to each stage of a baby's physical, emotional, and sensory development.

The products are made of a variety of top quality materials, ranging from wood and plastic to ultra soft plush and cotton.

All products in the ministeps line are tested for and meet all ASTM safety regulations.

Ministeps products have bright colors to stimulate visual senses, different textures to promote tactile development, or fascinating problem solving features, and are for the most part washable. In a clever and playful way, ministeps toys and books educate, stimulate, encourage, and entertain babies during the 5 stages of their first 36 months.


Ministeps Categories

  • 0-6 Months "Welcome to the World" - During a baby's first months of life in the outside world, they respond to a loving touch. At this stage, seeing, touching, and hearing become an important part of everyday learning. Suitable toys are great tools to support infants in this process. Ministeps satisfies early needs with soft, colorful, and musical toys. In a soothing and inventive way, ministeps toys will captivate babies' attention and encourage their development during these important first months.

  • 3-12 Months "See, Recognize, Feel" - During this period, a very active phase in a child's development begins. Babies vision, hearing, and nervous system are showing signs of maturing. In this phase, babies enjoy games involving repetitive sounds and toys that are colorful and exciting to listen to. Step by step, babies learn to explore and discover more about the world using all of their senses by observing, grasping, feeling, and listening. Ministeps' innovative toys and books make this process safe, exciting, and fun.

  • 12-18 Months "Seek, Discover, Comprehend" - At this stage of life babies are toddlers. Their world is becoming a much more exciting place because not only are they up on two feet, but they now have their hands free so they can move around and hold things at the same time.New types of developmental toys become interesting, for example stacking toys, push and pull-along toys, and water toys. This is the time for children to explore, experiment, and discover more on their own. Ministeps supports this developmental stage with a variety of fun toys.

  • 18-24 Months "Remember, Imitate, Speak" - Toddlers are walking, talking. and embracing everything around them. They speak more clearly, are more independent, and are developing the ability to reason and solve problems on their own. They enjoy simple puzzles, role-play, and creative activities. Ministeps puzzles are designed especially for this exciting learning stage.

  • 24-36 Months "Play and Learn" - This is an active period where children are very curious and independent, wanting to figure out everything on their own. They explore toys and objects by sorting, prodding and imitating others. Children at this stage love to put things together and pull them apart. Activities like first games, differentiating colors, and learning numbers and animal are the most interesting concepts. Ministeps offers toys and games that engage and promote children's development during this stage.
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